Technology Solutions

Customer data can give you an advantage over your competition. But how do you find the nuggets of knowledge buried in an avalanche of available information? We have the technology and know-how to identify and provide you with the most relevant information.

Your competition. Your customers. Your clients. No matter how well you know them, we can help you know them better. Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Governance inform your decisions and illuminate your business landscape. We’ve develop a robust, consistent, and data-based information framework that leads to better business strategies – and measureable results.

The Corbus Advantage


100% Accuracy in Process Compliance


80% Decrease in Number of User Touch Points


50% Faster Delivery on Reports and Visualizations


80% Increase in On-Time Campaign Launches


30-40% Increase in Productivity



Our partnership with Esko provides our global clients with a total solution to their Packaging Artwork Management (PAM) needs. Esko’s packaging management software further enables you to streamline packaging design activities from inception to final production. In addition, their software increases asset sharing across all digital platforms. Our expert system integrators and software architects can help train your staff, or we can create a software interface, ensuring your packaging team gets the most out of Esko’s packaging arsenal. We can smoothly implement Esko solutions with ERP and other back-end systems, providing the support you need to reduce your overall time to market.


Are you migrating or upgrading to SharePoint or Office 365? Our Microsoft experts will ensure that your transition is smooth, pain-free, and completed within your anticipated timeframe.

Our innovative development engineers are experts in Microsoft’s .Net and SQL Server (including Server Reporting and Server Integration Services) software. With Microsoft tools, we create and develop dashboards specific to your business needs. For instance, dashboards that can:

  • Depict details of a sourcing request which includes the calculation of savings and turn-around time
  • Detail the vendors’ delivery schedule which includes vendor confirmation and feedback, which also generates an exception report for missed deadlines and deliveries
  • Track parts from order to delivery across multiple vendors
  • Allow individual Contract Administrators to track the specific parts that they manage and to show savings calculated across different vendors

E-Commerce Platforms

The Magento and Shopify platforms are agile, responsive, and customizable. We help you choose the platform that works best for your unique brand, while building an e-commerce site that will keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to ever changing industry/shopping trends.

Hootsuite and Sprinklr

The Hootsuite and Sprinklr platforms are dynamic and effectual tools that empower you to manage your social media conversations in a more advantageous manner. We are certified in both platforms.

Performance Enablers And System Connectors

We use the drag and drop technologies of Boomi (a programming language translator) and Nintex (SharePoint workflow) on the software platforms and dashboards that we build for you so your team works smarter, not harder.

Global Technological Languages

We speak Java, jQuery, SQL, Perl, Ajax, Python, R Programming, and many other programming languages. (We also speak French, German, Japanese, Hindi, Mandarin, and over a dozen other human languages.)

Analytics and Forecasting

Our analytics and forecasting solutions provide you with a logical view of information in the context of the work encountered on a daily basis. We reduce time to market, time spent on analyses, time taken for data reporting, and we increase your ability to conduct multichannel integration while producing innovative and adaptable process paths. Our solutions let you analyze past performance in order to gain deeper insights and develop strategies for continual improvement.


Inventory accuracy improved 98%, which led to more space in the warehouse.


A marketing campaign built around the 2012 Olympics increases a brand’s favorability ratings with consumers.

Platform Development/Adaptive Reporting

Corbus-designed dashboards help you check, validate, and compare data. Our dashboards are unique to your business and built to provide accurate and up-to-date information on business performance, customer preferences, industry trends, competitor analysis and any other required data points. We give you the information you need to optimize decision making.

Data Governance Solutions

Our Data Governance solutions ensure that your data is correct, available, usable and secure for your entire enterprise.


Project timelines are reduced from months to weeks by restructuring and revitalizing the technical vendor process.


We implemented strategies and templates that delivered reports to a Fortune 50 client up to 300% faster.


E-commerce is capturing a bigger share of retail sales each year – are you? Our e-commerce solutions will give you the advantage by providing catalog and content management, demand planning, and order management services.

Corbus can help you select and implement an e-commerce platform and help you sell product and services enabling you to create targeted e-mails, web content, mobile messaging, and social media to selected segments. Agility, operational excellence, and an ever-increasing need for security further segment the market and create clear winners/losers within the digital space.

To succeed you need the right platform, design, intelligence, and a shopping experience that draws visitors in. We can help.