Demand To Fulfillment Solutions

Our solutions are tailored to your unique needs to help drive cost savings, increase efficiency, and improve compliance.

Our global supply chain management solutions provide a rigorous and collaborative approach for the best value composition of the product or service needed. We customize our solutions to fit your existing processes, organization, and technology infrastructure.

We focus on your organization’s industry, operations, challenges, and overall global supplier network. Our sourcing solutions include supply chain diagnostics, procurement strategies, low-cost country sourcing, supplier capability assessments, risk management identification, price trends, forecasts, and project specific research.

The Corbus Advantage


Manage $500M in Spend


Achieve 15% to 20% in Cost Savings


Continual Cost Reduction from 2% to 10% Annually


Manage Over 30K Part Numbers

Demand To Fulfillment Overview

Our Demand to Fulfillment solutions are built on a deep understanding of our client’s business model and their supply chain goals. We promise to focus on providing you with a holistic value chain from forecasting demand-to-fulfillment and delivery. Our sourcing and procurement services offer support all the way to fulfilling the needs of the shops and distribution centers.

Corbus can be your end-to-end business partner. Our unique capabilities and commitment to quality help us drive real collaboration amongst each supply chain partner such as commercial, materials, engineering, and production support teams.


Our expertise in identifying the right global suppliers delivers up to 20% in cost savings.

Planning - Demand And Inventory

We follow the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model in order to offer end-to-end supply chain solutions. Planning is just the first phase in this model. Planning in silos always negatively impacts your downstream processes. Therefore, we believe the planning phase must be viewed holistically.

First, we identify all of the variables, constraints, logistics, priorities, and impacts of external events to optimize our planning and implementation processes.

Forecasting - Demand And Inventory

Corbus’ proprietary Digital Tools enable us to accurately forecast your demand and inventory needs. Our forecasting tool identifies specific opportunities to lower inventory costs without impacting service levels or delivery timeframes.



Interested in learning more about our Sourcing and Procurement capabilities?

Sourcing and Procurement

Once we identify the needs of our client, the purchasing teams work with the supplier base to place and negotiate orders while ensuring that we adhere to all documentation requirements. With the help of our blueprinting framework, we identify the right Digital Tools needed to optimize and increase efficiency levels. We manage the complete end-to-end process. We’ll assist you all the way from submitting a purchase requisition until the invoice processing phase is complete.

Our ability to gather and analyze data provides our clients with a holistic and insightful view of their entire business across the sourcing and procurement operations. We offer detailed spend analysis, market intelligence insights, supplier performance indicators, and cost metrics to provide immense value to our clients while making their sourcing processes more effective and efficient.

Quality Assurance

Throughout the entire process, we engage in quality assurance to enforce and ensure client quality standards are met and maintained. Our lean and six sigma methodologies ensure that processes are adhered to and that quality standards are stipulated, maintained, and improved.

Corbus’ quality team is well equipped and up-to-date on all the latest industry specific quality standards. Therefore, they are able to design specialized onsite supplier quality audits for supplier development and management.


Fulfillment and Logistics

To ensure on-time delivery and meet client fulfillment expectations, we assist our manufacturing suppliers in process improvement, raw material planning, scheduling, part prioritization, and expediting. We also identify process bottlenecks and capacity issues while advising suppliers on how to overcome those challenges.

Corbus’ expediting process leverages proprietary frameworks and Digital Tools to provide superior support to our clients. We also recommend automation and optimization opportunities in order to achieve increased productivity levels.

Order-To-Cash (O2C)

We promote an end-to-end view of innovation in order to generate new and implementable ideas to drive competitive advantage, savings, and benefits. Our innovations in transactional automation, global presence, and our expansive industry knowledge make us a leader in O2C capabilities.

Our solutions are built with proven templates, training materials, and process paths that work. We can effectively reduce human errors by implementing automation that ultimately creates double-digit cost reductions while improving efficiency and customer service levels that lead to higher returns on your investment.


When we introduced performance monitoring, we achieved 100% adherence of shipment scheduling and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).