Digital Tools

Our passion for innovation, combined with best-in-class technologies, allow us to design and develop solutions that will optimize your business operations while supporting revenue growth and reducing operation costs.

We provide you with intelligent automation every step of the way. Many businesses are trying to drive robotics and automation internally by leveraging their IT teams. True optimization and efficiency doesn’t solely come from implementing a new technological advancement into your organization. Instead, organizations should be simultaneously implementing technological advancements while strategically addressing process issues. Corbus possesses an in-depth intelligent automation process knowledge that is industry agnostic. Plus, we have the right Digital Tools to transform your business.

Our Digital Tools and Technology Solutions will standardize your processes and automate your workflows in order to achieve a maximum Return On Investment (ROI). Corbus’ solutions are adaptable and flexible to our clients’ cultural and technical infrastructure. We have the DOMAIN, DATA, and DIGITAL expertise to offer you extraordinary solutions.

Desktop Automation

Our Desktop Automation solutions digitally transform and automate core processes, to generate new possibilities while leveraging automation tools (RPA) and other capabilities to streamline processes. We'll provide you with unique value and help you further differentiate yourself in the market.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our AI solutions can engage in autonomous decision-making (“reasoning and remembering”) and generate new insights and data discovery (“learning”) which provides personal and interactive support (“engagement”) for our clients and their consumers. With AI capabilities, insight-driven knowledge, and industry-specific cognitive assistance, your business can be taken to the next level.

Cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our RPA solutions enable our clients to have access to adaptive pre-built processes and object libraries. The RPA can read data from multiple source systems and enter that data into ERPs and other applications. In addition, our RPA can extract data from multiple systems such as basic OCRs, including images and PDFs, to create central repositories.


Cognitive RPA

We can offer you touchless invoice processing, PR to PO creation, ERP, and data entry, etc.



We have the AI capabilities to offer natural language processing, intelligent character recognition, etc.


Unsupervised Help Desk

We designed a customizable chatbot to help you resolve all your level one vendor queries on Payment Status, Short Payments, etc.


Business Intelligence Reporting

We provide our clients with organizational-wide dashboards, reports, and cubes.


Intelligent Contract Automation

We provide end-to-end automation of contract creation, contract data updates, all the way to the ERP and analytics stage.


Data Management

We provide data consolidation from disparate sources by first cleaning the data and then sorting it to display relevant data. This data is then presented as a 360 degree view of your entire business.

Auto Duplicate Payment Engine

We can automate the flagging process of all your duplicate payments by utilizing probabilistic matching of invoice numbers, supplier names, etc.


Auto GL Reconciliation

We can automate the entire GL Reconciliation Process by using reconciliation templates and scripts.