Corbus Founders Receive Philanthropy Award From Dayton Business Journal

Raj and Indu Soin started Modern Technologies Corporation (MTC) in 1984. Ten years later, in 1994, the Global Technologies division of MTC branched off to become Corbus, LLC. For the past 25+ years Corbus has been known in the supply chain industry as an innovative and client-driven solutions provider for businesses requiring leading-edge technology solutions, strategic sourcing, and management consultation.

Did you know that our founders are extremely invested in community development?

The Soin family has been instrumental in assisting communities throughout the Dayton, Ohio region and other communities around the globe. They’ve been known to make significant contributions to education, health care, and various other social support networks. That’s why the Dayton Business Journal (DBJ) is giving the first ever DBJ Philanthropy Award to Raj and Indu Soin. They will be honored at the Business of the Year awards dinner on November 7th at the Schuster Center in downtown Dayton.

“Raj and Indu are among the most generous of all the Dayton region’s successful business leaders and have devoted their lives to helping to make a difference in the Dayton region, as well as around the world,” said Don Baker, market president and publisher of the DBJ.

Based on the charitable spirit we observe within our founders, Corbus set-up a charitable organization entitled Corbus Cares which is an established 501(c)(3). Corbus employees donate their time and resources to activities and organizations that support children’s advocacy, care of the homeless, and cancer research. We endeavor to transform our world through meaningful changes that support happy, healthy, and prosperous communities around the globe.

To read more about our founders, and their philanthropic endeavors, please read the DBJ article.