As the holiday season ramps up on this first official day of autumn, we want to share what you should be doing now—even if you haven’t yet seen a single leaf drop!

Examine your website performance

You should be perfecting your website for the holiday season right now. This means you should examine your analytics, such as page load time and SEO scores. Additionally, now is the time to plan for new images and website copy and implement them—usually before Halloween is over.

Explore Programmatic Advertising

If you have been looking for better ROI for ad spend, look no further than programmatic advertising! This service allows brands to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time—meaning you increase your impact when it matters most.

Consider a Project Manager

The holidays for eCommerce companies typically means all hands on deck. With the extra work maintaining an eCommerce website, inventory, advertising and more—it can quickly get overwhelming. Consider a third-party project manager who can help keep your team aligned and on task.

What are YOUR biggest concerns as you prepare? Tell us in the comments.

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